From Legend to Reality

While walking in the forest, Elinas, king of Albania (*), met a wonderful unknown woman. Her name was Pressine. Her beauty was such that Elinas immediately fell madly in love. The young woman agreed to marry the king, but on condition that he promised never to see her during her pregnancy. Elinas promises and for some time, the young couple will know happiness.

But one day, the king betrayed his oath. The fairy Pressine returned to the island of Avalon with Mélusine, Mélior and Palestine, her three newborn daughters. When they grow up, the three sisters learn of their father’s betrayal. To avenge their mother, they lock Elinas in the heart of the mountain of Brumborenlion. Discovering this, Pressine punished her daughters.

Melusine is condemned to transform herself every Saturday into a snake “from the navel down” and will only be able to escape this spell if a mortal agrees to marry her without ever seeking to see her on the day of her metamorphosis.

(*) Another name for Scotland

It’s your turn to (re)discover the legend

The history of Domaine Mélusine was born from this medieval legend and began in 2018. In the heart of the Vendée bocage, the Domaine invites you to discover this legend by staying in one of the 111 cottages and comfort cottages available on 10 hectares. In a spirit “like at home”, our different accommodations are ready to welcome you and make you discover the richness of the Vendée.

Back to basics, family vacations, relaxation, sports, leisure activities, company seminars, romantic weekends, weddings or cousinades… So many good reasons to find yourself elsewhere, with us for a stay in the Vendée.